The Love Juice Co.

A juice truck serving natural drinks in underserved communities.

Drinks that do good.

The Love Juice Co.

The client desired to create a hip juice brand that would appeal to its urban audience and communicate the importance of taking care of one's body and the community.

A movement was born from this vision. We developed a strategy and story that would connect customers to the brand mission: providing natural drinks to the underserved by highlighting the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and the impact of doing good for one’s body and the community.


The brand story we set out to create would spark a rallying cry to nourish the bodies of underserved communities, inviting them to be a part of something impactful in their domain.

This message was achieved through unique and unconventional visuals, language, and a color scheme different from what one would expect from a natural juice company.


The freshly branded juice truck company experienced a solid foundation to jumpstart their business and to set themselves apart in a competitive market.

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